Dauphine readers fear your beauty regime no more with the aided assistance of the app Stylu – Beauty on Demand. Anytime. Anywhere. 

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The Uber of Beauty x Stylu

In a world where your phone can deliver to your front door almost anything, there comes the question, well what about a service that can make me look good? The one thing that makes us run late, or we’re constantly having to plan the night before, and ultimately, the one thing we all dread doing ourselves, is our makeup and hair. Dauphine readers fear your beauty regime no more, with the aided assistance of the app Stylu – Beauty on Demand. Anytime. Anywhere.

This Toronto based company provides professional, background checked and certified makeup artists and hair stylists directly to you doorstep. Whether you need the job done at home, work or even on set somewhere else in the city, Stylu sends it your way in as little as two hours. All through the convenience of your phone; you book and pay with just the tap of a button.

Dauphine got to try the app out to see for ourself, if it truly lived up to its hype. The makeup artist arrived promptly and brought along her own light and seat. She was clearly a professional, who does makeup for everything from television to weddings. She was beyond kind and together we brainstormed a look that would go well with my outfit for the day. Her products were all from top beauty lines and her technique was visibly trained. After about an hour it was done. In and out. No transaction of money between the two, no waiting in line, and no tears of dissatisfaction.

Overall Stylu lived up to its name and proved to style me perfectly. In this day and age there are many times when we feel hesitant to trust the online world with beauty, but this is an experience worth trying. An online service,  that is long overdue and that we all have been waiting for.

See www.gostylu.com for more information.

Krys Lunardo

Co-Founder + Editor-In-Chief

With an educational background in Architectural Studies and Fine Art History from Sheridan College and The Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture at The University of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief Krystal has always had her hands dipped in the pool of extraordinary design and possessed a deep appreciation of all art forms.

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