Menswear Mondays x Meet M.R.

Mondays are officially for the men here at Dauphine. Meet the man behind our newest online feature, Mauro Reda. With 30 years of experience under his designer belt, this is more than just a job for Reda, it’s his passion in life. As a current personal stylist at downtown Toronto’s newest fashion store addition, Nordstorm Eaton Centre, Reda brings to the table a classic and personal approach to the world of dressing men. Get to know MR. with our Dauphine interview below and stay tuned for his lessons in style to come.

D: When did your interest in fashion begin?

MR: Growing up I always knew what I was going to wear the night before school. I’ve always believed that dressing the part is important. I then started working at an independent mens store in Toronto during university. I was there able to understand how men shopped. From there I went on to become a partner in a mens shop in Yorkville and even opened by own store in 2000. I have a background in made to measure and believe that it is necessary for every man. I’ve worked with grooms, celebrities, on movie and TV sets.

D: What makes your approach to styling stand out?

MR: I have never believed in making a sale, I believe in making a relationship. Clothing is secondary to that, because once I know who you are, I’ll know what to sell you. I entertain more than I sell.

D: Go-to outfit?

MR. A great navy blue suit. A navy jacket is just one of those pieces that is so versatile. I could pair it with jeans or even grey trousers.

D: How important is the client relationship to you?

MR: I had more clients at my wedding than friends. Clothing is the catalyst that than turns into trust. I was everyone’s guy. Like the neighbourhood barber, Mauro was the guy to go to for that perfect outfit.

D: How has your time so far at Nordstrom added to your styling career?

MR: Personal shopping at Nordstrom has really brought me back to that personal way of working. Clothing you can find anywhere, I am there to bring the experience. I feel like in the fashion world today we’ve lost some that. I really take what I do to heart, it is not a job to me, it’s something I do out of pure satisfaction.

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