Thirsty for Youth X Introducing Age Quencher

The secret to aging gracefully has been sought after by woman of all ages, from all walks of life for centuries. Yet with a market overflowing with brands and companies, it’s difficult to navigate what really works and what really is best to be using. Canadian Naturopathic Doctor for over 13 years, Holly Fennell took it upon herself to develop a product for her very own patients who were asking for just that, a product to help with aging that was focused on prevention rather than a quick fix.

“One of my patients was a younger woman who had ovarian cancer and a hysterectomy. She went into instant menopause and asked me what she could take to help her. I then formulated the ageless capsule for her,” says Fennell.

As she began to witness her patients not only feeling better, but that their skin becoming more youthful, and visible improvements in their hair and nails, she knew she was onto something. Age Quencher was born right then and there, and that capsule became available in Toronto.

Then began the transition from vitamin to the AGE QUENCHER™ Beauty System, courtesy of prominent and trustworthy Canadian businesswoman, Belinda Stronach. As a woman who has always made her personal health and wellness a priority, Belinda recognized the changes she experienced while on the program and knew this had to be shared. Belinda leveraged her business know-how, and that of marketing executive Beverley Hammond, to bring the Age Quencher Beauty System to other women across North America. Making this a company based on the idea – made by women for women.

The AGE QUENCHER™ Beauty System is currently made up of four products, a vitamin supplement, hydrating electrolyte, beauty protein, and moisturizing serum.

“There is a different process for each product. If we properly hydrate we give our body the tools it needs to do its job. Everything was developed to heal our bodies from the inside out,” says Dr. Fennell.

Every part of this beauty system has its purpose, whether it be the wrinkle fighting electrolyte, since dehydration is the number one cause for wrinkles. Or the grass Grass Fed Whey protein choice, because it has a better absorption rate than plant based products, Dr. Fennell has thought of everything.

This subscription based health regime is one that every woman should know about, and as Dr. Fennell says,

“If you start now with honouring your bodies health, you will age gracefully,” a mantra she is not only bottling, but truly believes in.

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