Beauty Friday x The Bad Gals Club (5 Beauty Rules to Break)

1) Ditch the Mascara

Mascara has been the go-to item on everyone’s makeup list for decades. It’s infamous for being that one product many women cannot be without. I say it’s time to switch it up. French women have the right idea: they focus on skin care to create a luminous glow. For the little something extra, they add a splash of colour to their lips and cheeks and leave the eyes bare. Simple is sexy.

2) “Cross Contaminate” 

Many brands are marketing products for “eyes, cheeks, and lips”, but the truth is, all makeup is versatile. Think outside the box of what the label says. Try some red lipstick on your cheeks for a rosy, creamy glow, or add lipgloss to your eyelids for a shiny effect. Be creative. Bronzer and blush are some of my favourite eyeshadow colours.

3) Clump your Lashes

Punk is having a moment, and when it it comes to mascara we are seeing clumpy lashes taking over the runways. Many people think this is a fashion trend that doesn’t translate in real life, but I completely disagree. Make a mess and make a statement. Create a beautiful clumpy disaster with your mascara on your next night out – go for it! If it’s done with purpose and an artistic touch, it will look fabulous. Take inspiration from the mod doe-eyed looks of 1960’s stars like Twiggy, or for a more elegant approach, Sophia Loren.

4) Wear Halloween Makeup Year Round

Don’t be afraid to embrace your dark side when it comes to lip colours. If you are feeling apprehensive about wearing black, dark purple, or dark red on your lips, try keeping the rest of your makeup clean and simple to balance the look. Brands like Kat Von D have created gorgeous shades that flatter any skin tone. We love Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Vampira (pictured above) for the perfect almost black.

5) Go Bare Faced

One of my favourite quotes from the world renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath is “Either do something completely challenging, or don’t do it at all”. It time to ditch the notion that we need to wear makeup all time time in order to look presentable. To me, makeup is an art form and a way to express myself. It’s important to keep it as a creative outlet and not a barrier we hide behind. It can be freeing to leave your face bare from time to time. Take a cue from Alicia Keyes – sometimes wearing nothing at all can make more of a statement then a full face of flawlessly executed makeup.

by Natalie Ventola / Photo by Michele Dawn @lunch__money / Table top props from Cynthia Findlay Antiques @cynthiafindlayantiques
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