Menswear Mondays x Tux Tips for NYE

Very few men own a tuxedo, however, a man looking down the barrel at a season of friends’ weddings, or a social calendar packed with black tie affairs, might want to bite the bullet and invest in his own tuxedo.

When in the market to purchase a tuxedo, be aware of the top fashions for men as well as the rules for what time of day a certain colour of tuxedo may be worn.

The traditional tuxedo consists of a black, single-breasted jacket, black pants, black shoes, white dress shirt and a black bow tie. Spotting the differences between a classic tuxedo jacket and a contemporary tuxedo is simple just take a look at the lapel.

The three basic types of lapels are: shawl, peaked, and notched.

When it comes to the rules for black tie events, a man should ONLY wear a black or midnight blue jacket with either a shawl or a peaked lapel. Notched lapels are NOT considered dressy enough for black tie soirees.

When it comes to colour the current trend is moving away from the traditional black and towards a more modern navy.

I have always believed that grey and navy are great second choices to the classic black. These colours are extremely elegant when paired with a crisp white shirt and a solid black tie.

While it is more common to rent a tuxedo than to buy one, the compounded costs begin to add up for a man with many young, married friends.

If possible, a man should own TWO tuxedos. The classic black tuxedo with a peaked lapel or shawl collar is appropriate for black tie events in the evening.


A lighter-coloured tuxedo in either steel grey or a lighter heather grey with a notched lapel, made from a lightweight wool fabric, is a good choice for formal, yet dressed-down daytime events and outdoor weddings.

So if you are invited to any black tie events for New Years Eve, your options are many make sure to have to fun, look great and remember to always read the invite.


Mauro Reda

Personal Stylist

With 30 years of experience under his designer belt, this is more than just a job for Reda, it’s his passion in life.

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