Beauty Friday x Lips & Blubbly

Holiday Season has arrived, and thankfully M.A.C. has provided us with two fabulous options for lipsticks that pair perfectly with the bubbly.

This year, M.A.C’s Holiday Collection, Nutcracker Sweet 2016, is full of fun and feminine packaging, and an array of exciting colours to play with. Beauty Editor Natalie Ventola has selected two of her favourite lip shades from the collection below.

“Red is such an obvious choice for a Holiday Party, and not necessarily practical, considering we are usually eating and drinking into the wee hours of the night. A nude lip is easy, low maintenance, and looks gorgeous paired with a sexy cat eye, or a set of false lashes. Sometimes I will layer two pairs of lashes for extra drama. It seems excessive, but it looks a lot more natural then it sounds. I love this very cool, light pink nude from the M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet collection. This Cream-sheen Lipstick called Kingdom of Sweets has a hint of lavender, and is my current favourite for nude lipstick.”

“Matte is build to last, so if you are going to wear colour on your lips, I suggest using a matte lipstick. You can drink the night away without having to constantly reapply your lipstick, or worry it will smear all over your face. Dark lips are such a hot trend right now, and I love it as an alternate to red for Holiday Parties. M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Leap of Delight is a delicious shade of dark purple. It’s a bit punk, and looks great paired glowing skin, and a slightly smudgy smokey eye.”

Photo Credit: Lunch Money Productions

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