Get The Golden Globe Look x Kerri Russell

Golden Globes Nominee Keri Russell showcased a perfect “BOHO-LUXE” style created by Schwarzkopf Professional​ on the red carpet this past Sunday.

As a celebrity known for her signature hairstyles ​on the red carpet, Russell did not disappoint. With Schwarzkopf Professional​ and her celebrity hairstylist, Brian Magallones by her side the day of, Russell evaluated the beach wave, and now so can you. Here’s how you can achieve this effortless yet chic look.



STEP-BY-STEP BY Brian Magallones

​1. ​The first step was to shampoo and condition with the Schwarzkopf Professional’s ​FIBREPLEX Sulfate-Free Shampoo and FIBREPLEX N°3  Bond Maintainer (both available for at-home use at Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons). “FIBREPLEX from Schwarzkopf Professional really helped to strengthen the hair and added a lot of shine,” says Magallones.

2. ​​He ​then blew her curly hair straight using OSiS+ TAME WILD​ S​moothing A​nti-​F​rizz Cream  from Schwarzkopf Professional to get her hair nice and smooth​, and​ f​rizz​-free​.

3. ​Next, he ​put a very relaxed wave in her hair to give it texture. He ​used a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron, and sprayed each section with OSiS+FLATLINER​ Heat Protection Spray as he curled​, to protect it from the heat styling.

4. ​After curling all of her hair, he brushed it thoroughly with a paddle brush to relax the wave.

5. ​The next step was to rub some of the OSiS+ MAGIC​​ ​Anti-Frizz Shine Serum between his ​fingers and lightly run it through her hair to give it shine and keep it frizz free all night long.

6.​ Next, he gave her a middle part to give the look that classic Boho look, and finished the look with OSiS+ FREEZE​ S​wrong Hold Hairspray to give the look all-night hold, but keeping it feeling touchable, and not sticky.

(Photos courtesy of Brian Magallones)
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