Media Darling Cheryl Hickey, Teaches Us How to Be Confident

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Media Darling Cheryl Hickey, Teaches Us How to Be Confident

Body suit / Moschino, North42 + Leather Jacket / Saint Laurent, Holt Renfrew + Shoes / Giuseppe + Zanotti, Saks Fifth Avenue + Choker / Lanvin, North42

Media Darling Cheryl Hickey, Teaches Us How to Be Confident

Body suit / Victoria's Secret + Choker / Lanvin, North42

Media Darling Cheryl Hickey, Teaches Us How to Be Confident

Body suit / Victoria's Secret + Choker / Lanvin, North42

The Canadian Sweetheart of entertainment news, Cheryl Hickey, has been in the homes of families nationwide for a number of years through her second home Entertainment Tonight Canada. As one of the OG’s of Canadian Broadcast Television, Cheryl is no stranger to the spotlight. Her roles as a Journalist and TV Personality do not stop there. It’s safe to say this mother of two, wife, brand spokesperson,  and all around entrepreneur has her plate full, and it’s only continuing to grow. Dauphine Magazine caught up with Cheryl to discuss female empowerment, work life and her future endeavours.


This is Dauphine X Cheryl Hickey


A Day In Her Life 

“There is a bit of a formula and then there is a lot of room for the unexpected. Wake up, get the kids up, make breakfast, then off to daycare and school, which is around the corner. Then head to work for the morning meeting for the show, and that’s also when restoration begins. The masterminds: Suzanne McKay, Brian Jarvis and Alicia S McNamara make the magic happen. Then onto voiceoverwork, FB live, and filming of the show.”

“After work I get the kids from school, family dinner and of course goofy time (which includes anything from play dough making to Nyla’s favourite, dance party) then homework time, bath time and bedtime (which also includes holding Nyla’s hand while I respond to emails). My entrepreneur side of work happens usually before bed.”

Her Highlights From ET Canada 

“It hasn’t changed since day one – being in studio with our team. That’s not just the on air people you see but everyone behind the scene. Our guys are special, they are so funny and it’s a family. It’s a rare thing to have, so I cherish it. The big smile you see on my face when I’m doing a read is from the team around me making me laugh.”

“When it comes to moments, award show coverage for sure is an exciting time. I can tell you interviewing Michael Buble was pretty iconic, he’s just one of those sarcastic funny people, and such a family man. Our Celine Dion special was unforgettable.

And Oprah Winfrey – she is a woman I look up to, and meeting her was a pinnacle point in my career. And yes her hugs are phenomenal.”

What Confidence Means To Her

“Understanding that as women, we don’t have to be in one category. If you’re a business woman and you love fashion, it doesn’t devalue your position as a business person. There are moments in my life when I’m a hardcore business woman and I’m proud of it, I celebrate that. There are also times when being vulnerable is okay or being a mom is okay. So I think for me this photoshoot especially was about stepping outside of my comfort zone, trying something new, and trusting the team.  I want this to empower women to step outside their comfort zone and embrace all of the things they want to be and to not apologize for that. Do whatever makes you happy.”

“By no means am I saying I have all the answers, I’m evolving and trying to figure it out. I even had to silence that voice in my head telling me I couldn’t do this shoot. I’m working on staying in the moment.”

On Adding Blogger To Her Resume

“I have noticed that many viewers that have followed me on this journey or newer ones, ask me about everything from lipstick to what I eat. You name it, I’ve be asked it. So I decided to build a site where I can talk to people with the veil off. Where I can talk about products I like and my own products that I’m working on. Along with blog posts about things like ‘flying with a toddler.’ It’ll be a way for me to answer that calling.”

The Plans for Her Year Ahead

“The other thing I work very closely with and I couldn’t be more proud to be working with is Kids Wifi. It keeps children safe from inappropriate material online. The internet is the wild west, it’s like sending your children into Central Park and saying I’ll be back in an hour – good luck with that. When your back is turned, Kids Wifi has you covered. To be involved with something so big and needed is amazing. It’s a Canadian company that’s going worldwide and their work so far has taken my breath away.

“All I can say is I am launching something very soon!”

Tune-in! ET Canada airs weeknights at 7:30pm ET on Global.

Editorial Team Credits:
Photographer / Francisco Garcia
Styling / Dwayne Kennedy
Makeup / Suzanne McKay
Hair / Brian Jarvis
Article by Lindsay Sganga


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