Stay at home Mom with Krys the Editor

Hey Dauphines!

Diving right in…I wanted to create a “stay at home mom” parody—a day in the life of Krys (but not really).  Wrapped in extravagant fur, I’m seen basking in the lap of luxury—while on break from “mommy-hood”.  Instead of pouring a glass of champagne, I decide to relish in a glass of cold milk, since I am after all a breastfeeding mom.

My lounge fashion includes a trending style of simplified, light bronze lamé glitter Jimmy Choo heeled sandals, with playful above the ankle graphic socks. The mid-day read of ‘Selfish’ by Kim Kardashian also played in my disconnected reality—as a probable read would actually be of a Dr. Seuss novel. That’s not to say when the kids are off to sleep, I definitely indulge.

Clearly, this is no indication of how I live on a regular basis with my newborn and toddler.  But…It’s great to daydream.

Watch my full YouTube video below!

Krys Lunardo

Co-Founder + Editor-In-Chief

With an educational background in Architectural Studies and Fine Art History from Sheridan College and The Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture at The University of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief Krystal has always had her hands dipped in the pool of extraordinary design and possessed a deep appreciation of all art forms.

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