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Krystal Lunardo


Source: With an educational background in Architectural Studies and Fine Art History from Sheridan College and The Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture at The University of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief Krystal has always had her hands dipped in the pool of extraordinary design and possessed a deep appreciation of all art forms. Her personal love of the inner-workings of major fashion houses and global brands fuels her passion to sculpt avant-garde material. Krystal single-handedly lays out all of the graphic content for Dauphine, creates concepts for unparalleled fashion editorials, and suggests and incorporates groundbreaking content while working alongside the Fashion Editor to create the ultimate paradigm shift in the industry.
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Justin Lunardo


Source: Known for trend-spotting, entrepreneurship, and a business-first attitude, Justin has fast-forwarded into the Business Development field, expanding several companies to 7-figure revenues. His project management background has enabled his vast understanding of the organization of employees and clients. Justin has an educational background in Architectural Studies from Sheridan College, and believes that business is not the working of a company, but the working of the people within the organization. Justin is responsible for publication distribution, sales, day-to-day operations, and business development for Dauphine.
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Dwayne Kennedy


Source: With over 10 years of fashion industry experience, Dwayne is a creative professional with a diverse portfolio comprised of editorial, film, celebrity, and commercial work. His expertise has awarded him advertising clients such as Danier, Scotiabank, IKEA, Dole, Nissan, Ford, Cineplex, McDonald’s, and MasterCard, as well as editorial coverage in Vogue Pelle, Zink, Sharp, Fiasco, Clear, and Pulp. Known for his contemporary style and connections to the creative community, he strives to develop a multi-platform for artists to showcase their work and connect them to the necessary resources for success. In addition to his creative work, Dwayne has been featured on Britain’s Next Top Model, secured media appearances on ET Canada, MTV, MuchMusic, CityTV, and Fashion Television, and frequents new publications' style sections.
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Marques Jackson


Source: Marques Jackson serves as the New York Fashion Correspondent, where he photographs unique ready-to-wear looks and covers premier fashion events, including New York Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week. Originally from Atlanta, Jackson relocated to the Big Apple in 2010 after a job offer gave him the chance to live and work in one of the world’s leading cities. During his time in New York, Jackson launched the Filles+Garçons fashion blog to chronicle the colorful characters that give life to the city’s dynamic fashion scene. When he’s not capturing life and style, you can find Jackson biking through NYC, enjoying the eclectic culinary scene, and attending Off & Off Off Broadway Shows. Currently living on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Jackson holds an M.A. in Community Psychology from Georgia State University.
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Lindsay Sganga


Source: Lindsay received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Ryerson University, where she gained the necessary skills to write and report professionally for publications and companies of all kinds. With a strong eye for aesthetics, fashion, and lifestyle, Lindsay has developed a unique voice in the world of style storytelling. As a freelance contributor for both web and print, Lindsay maintains a strong pulse online and thrives on creating innovative and beautiful ways of reporting and curating content.
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Natalie Ventola


Source: With over ten years experience in the beauty industry, Toronto based Hair and Makeup Artist Natalie Ventola has an impressive roster of clients. Including celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Tori Spelling, Sarah Mclaughlan, Carley Rae Jepsen, Chantal Kreviazuk and Leon Bridges. Advertising clients such as Maserati, Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, Tresseme, and Guess . Her editorial work has been featured in Magazines such as Elle Canada, Flare, Zoomer, Canadian Living, Sharp and Sstyle. As a beauty editor, she has produced directional hair and makeup editorials. Her work has gone viral on social media, with over 500,000 Tulmbr notes, posted celebrity Instagram accounts such as Tyra Banks and Iman, and featured on Vogue Russia.
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Anesha Sylvia


Source: Known for her traits as a master networker and her PR-savvy skillset, Anesha Sylvia entered the fashion scene a few years ago, as a way to establish a creative platform for her personal brand and various freelance projects. With a prior legal education from Seneca College, and her years of experience on "Canada's Wall Street", Anesha seeks to initiate and maintain the relationships of our clientele and industry peers. She is assertive in connecting industry affiliates to the Dauphine Magazine brand in multiple ways.
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Natalie Servello


Source: Natalie is currently accomplishing a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Communication at Ryerson University. By the end of her degree she will also have completed a minor in marketing management. Natalie explores the collaborative fashion-business field through marketing her family boutique. Her specialties include product buying, personal styling and social media administration. Aside from her fashion experience she has grown up in the bridal industry and has developed a keen eye for upcoming trends and innovative design. At Dauphine she exercises these skills through her internship position in which she works along side the editor.
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Andreia Mclean


Source: Andreia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Honours Psychology with specializations in Communications and Philosophy. With a strong sense of design, aesthetics, and lifestyle, Andreia has refined the ability to create bespoke experiences. Andreia has contributed to high-profile events in Toronto including Toronto Fashion Week, Much Music Video Awards, and the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards. Aside from her events experience, she has written for online and print lifestyle magazines, founded and acted as Editor-in-Chief for a collegiate online publication, and spearheaded all events and PR for the same publication.

Our Dauphine team is driven to create inspirational content for our readers, being attentive to the what our readers call for. We are highly intrigued with the vast changing aspects of fashion and lifestyle through social media, the influx of information at your fingertips, along with the level of influence it has on our audience. We take time to intimately know our reader, being quite aware that she is globally inclined in fashion, but also enjoys factors of art, culture and social trends alike. We also strive to achieve the aspirational element that readers strive to emulate. It’s never inappropriate to fantasize about the haute couture lifestyle!

Krys Lunardo

Co-Founder + Editor-In-Chief

With an educational background in Architectural Studies and Fine Art History from Sheridan College and The Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture at The University of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief Krystal has always had her hands dipped in the pool of extraordinary design and possessed a deep appreciation of all art forms.

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